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Have you previously failed your driving test and need refresher lessons? Or maybe you never got round to taking a test and need to catch up before taking it? Deidre Sutherland, Drive-Tec offer affordable and effective refresher driving lessons around your timetable.

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Top results at affordable prices

At Deidre Sutherland, Drive-Tec, we understand that if you've failed your test a few times before it can prove to be costly. Our lessons come at some of the most competitive prices with a focus on getting you that pass.

If you've booked your driving test and need some refresher lessons to prepare in a short space of time, you can take a structured course for faster learning.

Whatever your needs are, we can cater for them. If you're worried about taking your driving test and your preparation for it, we can work around improving your confidence with our booster lessons.

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