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You may think that Pass Plus doesn't really matter and is just another expense, when in fact it could actually save you a lot more money in the long run. For more information on completing one of our Pass Plus courses, contact us today.

What's involved in Pass Plus?

Benefits of Pass Plus

Why choose Deidre Sutherland, Drive-Tec?

At Deidre Sutherland, Drive-Tec, we are Driving Instructors Association and Motor Schools Association approved, meaning that you're guaranteed quality from professional driving instructors to teach you at all advanced levels.

Pass Plus is used to familiarise you with more advanced driving techniques that you don't cover for your initial driving test such as night driving and motorway driving.

If an insurance company sees that you have a Pass Plus certificate, then they'll lower your rate of insurance for your first vehicle. You'll also take to the roads as a much safer and knowledgeable driver.

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